Going manual with a track

So I’m kind of confused about how Mocha works, bear with me.

I’ll track an object that eventually goes of screen. I’ll set the surface so the grid lines up and everything looks good. Near the end of the track, it starts to go offscreen and the track becomes no good(wrong size and placement). No problem, I’ll go into the curve editor and delete the track from that point. In essence I’ll start manually tracking the spline.

The spline looks great and tracked but for some reason the surface(corner pin data) won’t follow after the frame where I deleted the automatic track. But there’s still data there i just set it manually?

I’m confused, any ideas?

I understand what you’re saying but is adjust track the way to deal with a track where the automatic track spline has actually changed to an incorrect shape (not just position or drift issue)?

Hi there,
In general the work flow is to do your track, then use the adjust track to refine or in your case fix the surface corner points.

When you manually adjust the spline, you are not actually adjusting the surface which has its on set of keyframes.

The best way to deal with this is adjust track.

Another option after tracking is to set the button to manual track (under track tab). This exposes the corner points on every frame for the surface itself. This could be useful but scary to mess with when first learning the product.

I hope this helps. Remember, djust track is your friend and very powerful way to fix difficult tracking challenges, create new references for offset tracking, etc.


Your goal here is good tracking data, not for roto purposes I assume…

So, yes I would use adjust track and view the surface to fix. If the track shape is wildly off, before adjusting, I would a few frames before it goes off and edit the shape to define the track area.

This is also a big part of learning and exploiting the planar tracker. You can baby sit the track, stop when it goes off, move the shape and continue tracking. This is a very common technique for tracking something tht goes offscreen. Stop the track and move the shape to something on the same relevent plane. Visualizing how mocha is seeing planes is also useful.

Once you have a decent surface, then use adjust to refine.