Good tutorials on Adjust Track

I work with many artists who use Mocha daily. None of them use adjust track as it just seems to do more harm then good. So they concatenate hand animated corner pins on top of stabilized footage or expressions to fix things.

I am inclined to think they just need better tutorials. The manual and the tutorial “06 - AdjustTrack Module” are not getting them any closer to success. Are there any other good tutorials?

Thank you

There are two other earlier BorisFX video tutorials about Adjust Track on YouTube:

Hopefully they might help.

Thanks. I will check them out

AdjustTrack had a major overhaul recently so it helps to know if you’re using the legacy AdjustTrack or the new “Transform” AdjustTrack.

But we definitely hear you: We’re looking at deeper dive into AdjustTrack for future tutorials to make it easier. We’ve had a few comments on the obscurity of AdjustTrack so we want to make sure it’s clear for everyone.

I am specifically interested in the new Adjust Track.

Tutorials can show the technique, but it might be they’re missing the planar tracking fundamentals if they are having trouble. Adjust track is, very simply, just a 1 to 4 point correction on TOP of the planar data being captured. Think of it like attaching a null to something to correct the motion, and that’s all. Likely they are picking incorrect points to follow that aren’t on the same plane, and that’s where the issue is coming from.

What do you notice are the main stumbling blocks?