GOT Flaming Sword tutorial

Hi guys, in the tutorial (GOT Flame Sword) when they stage is clicked to place the emitter, points are shown that can be moved. When I do this, there are no points visible (even after dialling down opacity) and subsequent clicks only place a new emitter. What have I missed?

I click once to place the start point and the cursor turns to a four headed arrow. If I click again, the emitter is created between the two points but there seems no way to modify?

Hi David. The emitter that was used on that project is a line emitter - with a line emitter, particles are emitted along the length of the line that is drawn in the stage. When you click in the stage the first point is generated, then you have to click a second time to generate a second point for the line emitter. To end the line without generating additional points you can press the escape key. Note that there is a preference option that will prevent the app from generating new emitter points when clicking in the stage - if you find that you’re generating additional emitters accidentally when you’re clicking in the stage you may want to disable that feature.