GPU Error

All of a sudden, I started getting this error message on all the Sapphire plugins. I’ve been working just fine and then all of a sudden started getting this…\

gpu fail

I started getting it with S_Effect, but now it seems to happen with every Sapphire Effect.

Using Sapphire 2021. My graphics card is an Nvidia RTX 2080 ti. Windows 10 Pro. My Nvidia drivers are the latest version Studio Driver 457.30.

I had this error last night with S_effect as well. I just updated to 2021 a couple of days ago. Working in Premier Pro.

Sapphire 2021
Nvidia Quadro P4000
Windows 10 Pro

The latest NVIDIA drivers are 460.79 – have you tried those?


I have to run 442.50 in order to run Avid 2020.10

Is this the probably the reason I am having the issue?