"GPU processing not supported" AE2019

Mocha loads and runs fine, but it’s slow. I checked the preferences and GPU acceleration is greyed out and gives me the message in the title. Log file says “OpenCL Unknown Error” and “Cannot get platform count”. I’m running a GeForce GTX1080.

Replying to my own post because I found the solution. The Nov. 26 Nvidia driver update broke something, reverting to a previous driver solved the problem. Hopefully someone at BorisFX will see this so they can see if it’s a problem on Nvidia’s side or Mocha’s.

Thank you, we will look into it.

Correct. See here:

Hello, I’m using Mocha AE CC for AE 2019, and I’m getting this error also (GPU module error: Cannot get platforms count). I checked out the other thread saying it was fixed, but I wonder if it was only fixed for Mocha Pro? I have an RTX 2080Ti, driver version 430.86. I tried checking “Allow unsupported GPUs”, but that did not do anything. After restarting Mocha, the box became unchecked again, and the “Use GPU Processing” check was still grayed out.

Hello lee2, have you found a solution to this problem? RTX2080Ti too, don’t know where I can find the driver version .

Im having the same problem with 430.86 drivers. Mocha is not using the GPU at all.

Same issue here, I can set premier and after effects to use my GTX 1080 Cuda / open CL , but the only option I have inside of Mocha settings is my on board graphics card or if I click to allow unsupported, i have my processor as an option.

I have tried multiple version of the Nvidia Driver
Mocha Version 6.0.1 build 100.g575f65f40944
Build Date Nov 13 2018

I think its tha case of Mocha AE isnt GPU accelerated coz they want you to buy the main Mocha Pro and that will be.

I think its the case of Mocha AE isnt GPU accelerated coz they want you to buy the main Mocha Pro and that will be.

This is not true. Adobe released the GPU accelerated version of Mocha AE in the October Fall 2018 release. Planar Tracking should be using GPU.

I do believe that there was an issue with NVIDIA driver mismatch that has been fixed in Mocha Pro 2019, but Adobe has not rolled out the build of Mocha AE with fix yet. @maryp or @martinb can you please comment on which NVIDIA driver customers might need to roll back to?

I am pretty sure we are waiting on getting Adobe our newest build to get a current GPU error fixed, but it should be fixed in the latest Mocha Pro because they are on different release schedules. If you’re having trouble with GPUs try adjusting drivers for the card and if all else fails, turn GPU acceleration off.

Yes. If you read the link posted above (https://forum.borisfx.com/t/nvidia-driver-problems-gpu-missing-in-mocha-pro-now-fixed-in-mocha-pro-6-0-1) this is the exact issue. This version of Mocha AE clashes with drivers beyond a certain point.

Go back to these drivers and you won’t have an issue.

GeForce/TITAN: 416.34
Quadro: 411.95

In the meantime we’re working with Adobe to get an update out to you.


Any update from Adobe?

Hey, sadly only Adobe can tell you when an update will be out. :frowning_face:
In the meantime, you’re stuck on an old driver, unfortunately. The problem is fixed in Mocha Pro, but the gears of progress are a bit slower with our partner products in other software due to their release cycles.

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Thanks. Mocha Pro is once more working now!. My very basic object remove is nearly finished. Thanks again, for the support and information.

-RaNaldo S.


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I just updated After Effects 2019 to the latest 16.1.3 version (released September 18th) and Mocha AE still does not support GPU acceleration. I was under the impression that the next release from Adobe would contain a fix for this error. Can we get any sort of update here?

It’s been months and going back to drivers from last year is a frustrating workaround at best.

To not spam topics I’ll leave it here.

W10, gtx 1070

AE (build 5)
Mocha 6.0.1
Nvidia driver 416.34

Previously had “Use GPU Processing” greyed out in options in Mocha. Reverted to older Nvidia driver and got it showing in preferences. Enabled it, but mocha still uses under 5% of GPU during tracking and speed didn’t change, is there anything else I could do to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. Same Issue.
GPU unsupported. Tried Studio and Games drivers.

Nvidia 2080Super.
Latest Version of AE 16.1.3 (build 5)
Is there a resolution to this or is it in the hands of Adobe?
Many thanks

Same Issue is still present in AE2020 with new Mocha.

Also, seems like something changed, as it goes up to 10-12% GPU usage now