GPU selection

My understanding from a support issue I’d opened is that it’s possible to tell Silhouette which GPU to use. By default it uses the one with the most memory, which on my laptop happens to be my Intel chip. Unfortunately I’d rather it use my Nvidia 1050.
Can anyone from Boris advise on how to tell Silhouette to use my Nvidia gpu?

The person assigned to your support ticket is the most qualified to answer your question.

@marco I sent them the requested info based on a special build and they’ve gone completely silent for nearly two weeks

Sorry about that Michael. If you don’t receive a response tomorrow, respond to this thread.

Well, I feel dumb. After a bit of back and forth today I remembered I have the “fix” already.

I should have remembered that the nvidia control panel will let me enforce that an app use whichever gpu I select.

I haven’t used that feature in some time, the one app I needed it for fixed their gpu selection some time ago, and I forgot it was there.

If you aren’t familiar with that feature, find a laptop with multiple GPUs where one is nvidia and the other isn’t. Most likely it’ll be intel. Open the nvidia control panel.

make the selection as shown on this dialog.

Using Geforce GPU will be more easier. Sometimes geforce experience error code 0x0003 wil be irritate you. But it is fixable.

@adrianahomes37 not sure what you mean. The 1050 is a Geforce GPU

Yeah you are right Sometimes GeForce experience error code 0x0003 will irritate you but now it becomes so simple to resolve this error.