GPU Support?

I am using Continuum 2021 OFX (Vegas Pro 18), and looked at the supported graphics cards listed here:

The list is quite old on the AMD side, and old on the Nvidia side.
It would be lovely to have an updated list.

And since I am using an AMD RX480 8GB card, is it supported?

Thank you for bringing to my attention the fact that the supported graphics card listing is a little state - we’ll work on that. Meanwhile, I believe the card that you mention, AMD RX 480, should be supported but I’ll verify that with our QA team.


Thanks Peter for this.
In user forums, there is a lot of “information” on which and what hardware works and doesn’t work with Continuum.

Hi there Peter!

Have had to have a 5x Rebuild of my PC and was swapped in an Nvidia RTX3080 Ultra - nice. Don’t see that one either? However, it is recognized within MP:

Could be confusing to potential purchasers of your product?