Graphics Cards Supported

I have an “old” AMD RX480 8GB graphics card. Looking at the list of supported cards here:

shows that it is in desperate need of being updated. ATi has been a part of AMD for years. The Nvidia card list needs to be changed also.

I went to the above link to see if all the effects in Continuum 2021 OFX in Vegas Pro 18 and Hitfilm Pro 16 are GPU accelerated such as BCC Lightning.

If not, which ones are?

You are correct and thanks for pointing that out - the supported card list could do with a refresh.

Here’s a list of the Continuum (BCC) filters that are using OpenGL processing :

3D Extruded Image Shatter
Cast Shadow
Damaged TV
Damaged TV Dissolve
Extruded EPS
Extruded Text
Extruded Spline
Laser Beam
Layer Deformer
Lens Flare 3D
Lens Flare Dissolve
Lens Flare Advanced
Lens Flare Round
Lens Flare Spiked
Lens Flash
Organic Strands
Pan and Zoom (partial - only the Vignette part runs on the GPU)
Particle Emitter 3D
Particle Array 3D
Pin Art 3D
Particle Illusion
Particle Illusion Dissolve
Prism Dissolve
Stage Light
Tile Mosaic
Title Studio
Type On Text
VR Insert
VR Reorient
Wild Cards
Video Morph

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Hi Peter, sorry to bring this up but is the supported cards up to date, I’m considering getting a Quadro RTX A6000 if i can get one,

The supported video card list has not been updated recently but that is on our list of things to take care of. I’ll do what I can to help expedite the process.

The RTX A6000 is a tremendously powerful card and plenty of on-board memory. I’ll check in with out QA group to see if anyone has any thoughts on this card (pros/cons) in regard to how well our software works with it and I’ll share that info with you once I get it from them.


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Our QA group reports back that this card works quite well with out current suite of products so you should be ok to go with that.


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Thankyou :+1: £5K here for that so had to check,:grin:

I don’t know if you have any thoughts on this, my current card RTX 3090 Isn’t on your list i don’t think, with an (AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 32-Cores 3.50 GHz), could that be why some of your stuff, mainly Mocha & some Sapphire fx struggle a little in Vegas, ?
I do suspect it’s more of a Vegas problem tho :joy:

playing with S_UltraZap, using the in built mocha tracking, 3 circular mocha splines around the blade of the saw that the ‘zap’ follows, with one mask also using the same in built mocha to isolate/mask the zap to the blade,
playback is really bad, 0-1fps-ish, dynamic ram preview took so long i thought Vegas had stopped, prerender looked & took the same amount of time, so decided to just render it out,
The 0.40sec clip is estimated at 40mins n looks like this pic, CPU @ 10% & GPU avg roughly 10% also

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It sounds to me as though the sapphire filter is reverting to CPU for some reason instead of processing the filter on the GPU. Are you using the latest retail version of sapphire? Also, have you tried the same effect in another OFX host, such as Resolve, to rule out the host as the cause of the problem?

And regarding the RTX 3090 - that’s a pretty powerful graphics card with a ton of cuda cores and plenty of on-board memory - I’m not really sure how much of a boost in performance that you’ll see if you move to the RTX A6000 in how it works with 2D filters - maybe it’s worht the expense or maybe not. I’d want some concrete performance data before springing the 5k on that. Again, make sure the host is not the bottle neck before springing for the newer graphics card.


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Thankyou, yeah £5k is a big spend, I’m hoping it will help with my CAD software tho, the 3090 does well but when manipulating 3d objects… you know what it’s like when you have a new toy bookmarked in a wish list & i always want more :joy::+1:
I’ll see if i can work this out, each program i try works the system in a different way & i know Vegas is behind with some of the improvements others have made. just for instance, i have a cheap Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium, it plays complicated transitions fluidly at a good res in the preview & it exported a 25min 4k project in 5mins maxing out my GPU, but Vegas struggles with those types of transitions unless you reduce the preview to a lower (poor) res & rendered the same project in 14mins using 1/3 of the system available to it, most of your Boris stuff works fine, Mocha is the one that Vegas doesn’t like, so i either use the mocha standalone version or keep the Vegas timeline & fx’s simple, working on just that event then rendering it.
I have all your 5 main products, plugins + standalone, all up to date & still love them all.
it’s a shame not all work well in MEP Premium :joy::joy: & I’m reluctant to pay a sub to Adobe, I like the Vegas layout & i’d have to change all my licences to OFX + Adobe, or just Adobe but for £5k i could do that & get 10 yrs of Adobe subscription :man_facepalming::joy::joy::man_shrugging:
Thankyou again, :+1:

PS i have Hitfilm Pro & the free DaVinci Resolve, Mocha Pro doesn’t really work in either & that’s one of my favorite plugins, so i don’t use those programs often, I have Hitfilm because it handles my CAD 3D OBJ files well & DaVinci because it’s free :blush: other programs i’ve tried don’t show my plugins in the trial versions & none impressed me enough to buy them, I can’t afford Nuke,

I use resolve & Vegas to test UltraZap’s “80s Jem” preset, both preview are laggy. This may be because Sapphire OFX’s problem.