Great - and not great at all


Hi there Mocha people!

I have bought - and now also used Mocha - to do a complex tracking and rotoscoping job for one of my projects.

In Mocha it all looks great, but I cant get the export right.

In my simplest clip I got one layer for tracking - and one for roto/masking.
When I look at it in Mocha it all looks great. But now I have problems… exporting this mask to FCP. How do I do that? Tried to follow the steps in the manual/tutorial - but it just dont show at all. All I got when importing the XML is he same clip - and not much more to it…

Anybody able to help me?


Hi MrFix,

There are a few tutorials you can view to be more comfortable with the workflow here:

We also describe how to handle importing of tracking data XML files in the manual on page 49. You need to copy the imported file and use PASTE ATTRIBUTES on the layer you wish to animate or corner pin.