Green screen camera solve to Fusion Studio

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I’m quite happy to write here again, didn’t since Mocha was Imagineer’s… So, though I’ve been secretly in love with Mary Poplin for years now, I’ll try hard to focus only on a bunch of questions concerning Mocha Solve data integrated in Fusion :wink:

Actually we decided our workflow to include Mocha Pro (5) to export data to Fusion for a lot of clips we’re about to shoot in a new green studio here in France. Of course, we know Mocha and Fusion too for years, but we wonder about the best WF to key a couple of people shot by a moving cam > camera solve > export to fusion > add BGs and 3D objects to the scene in Fusion in the end…

Obviously we’ve watched again quite the whole tuto clips from Mary and Michael, but finally we found out that a lot are focused on exports to AE (sometimes Nuke or C4D)… I think we might say we won’t ever use AE and there are very few clips about Fusion finally.

Now : non co-planar tracks > exports fbx > import fbx scene in Fusion is ok… We have a 3d cam with points cloud in Fusion… How about adding 3d shapes as backgrounds and 3d objects (fbx too) in the scene so that they take the camera movement into account ? At least the best wf for you…

THX in advance

Hi there,

I am glad you like our tutorials. :slight_smile:

We can add that spline idea as a feature request, but right now we only export the 3D camera (in an FBX) with a point cloud. I know some people have written custom tools for this. There’s also a toolset called Mocha Blend you might find interesting: Boris FX | MochaBlend for C4D

It DOES export our shapes to 3D. But it works in C4D, not Fusion.

We do have plans to improve our 3D solver, but right now, what you see is what you get with it. If you have any more questions I am happy to help you.


Yep Mary, thx for answering; I knew it was more a question about Fusion than Mocha, but since we use Mocha in the beginning of the projects…
I’ll have a look at mochablend anyway and find a workaround if possible.
But I hope I was clear engough : at least, what we need is just a way to be sure an fbx object will be positioned well (for sure) inside the Fusion fbx scene exported from Mocha. Actually I probably miss a basic point cos’ what I want to do is similar to the Mocha tuto example of the 3d telephone box added in the mall in AE… Here in fusion, I have a point cloud but I’m a bit lost about the workflow I must follow…
As I said, it’s a Fusion thing, I don’t need Mocha to export 3d spline so far (although exciting), just the best practices to add stuff inside the exported fbx

Oh, you just have to click on the location of the point in the point cloud you want to use and make sure your object you are putting into the scene is at that exact location. So as long as you put the surface tool where you need the object, you can just export the surface tools as the point cloud. Then you just pick the point you need and snap the object to that location. It should move correctly in the scene after that.

I realize I didn’t answer here, though this answer is totally the one i was looking for ! :astonished:

Then you just pick the point you need and snap the object to that location. It should move correctly in the scene after that.

You mean in Fusion uh ? Man, if this works this easily, I’ll be very happy (because I have a lot of little stuff to do using this WF). I’m looking forward to test again…

A word for you Mary, to thank you again and also because I found a video which explained - better than I did - what I was looking for… It’s from a guy named Dan Harvey, probably a co-worker you have, which describes exactly what I needed (despite his accent [funny for me actually] and the speed of his speech which had me watch 3 times in a row with subtitles on :smile: ).

This video put pictures on your last post here, and both will probably help more and more Fusioneers, as the Fu community grows up since the Fusion inclusion in Resolve.

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Thank you!