GStreamer Doesn't like 1 frame ProRes

I noticed that GStreamer seems to get tripped up with ProRes clips that are a single frame. They show up as 8B clips in the Sources window, even when other clips derived from the same source are 16B. And they show up as having 0 frames instead of 1, and are blank when double clicked, even though they open fine in Resolve, etc.


The 0x0 @ 8B appears when Silhouette can’t load a file. I have filed a GStreamer bug report. In the mean time, you should use normal a non-movie format for single images.

@dungeonbeach Can you send me one of your single frame Pro-Res files.

Yes is there a good email address or upload portal?

You can send me a private message with a download link from Google Drive, Dropbox, or something similar. Click my photo and select Message.

Sounds good. I’m also facing another Gstreamer issue which is that whenever I type in my comp resolution, which is 5672 x 3192 (size of my original footage), Gstreamer forces an autocorrect to 5680. So my resulting comps are fatter than my source. I can send one of these clips, too.


ProRes was crashing when supplied with non power of 16 widths, so GStreamer > ProRes output was modified to only output widths divisible by 16. This is why it is automatically rounding up.