GUI disappearing on M1 Mac

I installed PI standalone on my M1 Macbook Air, did some work, left the program open, went to do some work on another computer, and when I came back the program was closed. When I re-opened it, there was no GUI! All the top bar menus were there, but no stage, etc. If I bring up preferences, the dialog box is halfway off my screen to the left and can be dragged on. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and nothing works! Help!

This is a known issue on Mac that is driving me crazy myself! There is a fix when this happens though…

  1. From “View” menu select “Enter Full Screen”
  2. PI UI should be visible, but probably with one view taking up the full window
  3. Press Cmd+1 (to restore all the views)
  4. From “View” menu select “Exit Full Screen”
  5. Watch where the window shrinks to – it will become a tiny vertical line somewhere. (On my system it is always in the lower left quadrant of the screen
  6. That little line is actually a window – use the mouse to resize it manually

If you can figure out what conditions cause this to happen, please let us know – even if it’s a guess. It seems to happen at random times for me, as much as once or twice a day. :frowning:


Wow! That worked! Alan, thank you so much!