GUI Display options

Q: My G4 17" laptop, I can’t see the play controls. the main comp window extends to the bottom of the screen. doing a make all controls visible doesn’t do anything useful to get the play controls back, but the main window on the bottom for track & clips is visible. screen res is 1440X900. However, I just discovered, if I send the main window down into the dock and re-open it, I get the PB controls back. odd ! I can then move a pane over, and resize it so it all fits. not ideal, but workable.
A: The minimum res requirements are 1152x864, so you should be fine on 1440x900.
Interesting that Docking seems to help fit panels…
One major change since (Beta4) , the new View options.
A brief outline on new View options. (Also refer to the "motor ( gui v1.1.0 beta4 (" recording)

  • Go to the View menu (Top menus)
  • You will see we have not got 3 layouts that can be customised.
  • Shortcut – Ctrl+1,2,3
  • Parameters can now also be closed!
    Please send feedback on these new options.
    Play a little with the new options and as suggested when things still do not fit, try docking motor and opening it again. (Windows - Launch preferences and close preferences.)