GUI / Render Motion Blur Samples

Hey guys,

Is it possible to set up functionality inside Silhouette that sets default motion blur samples at render time on a render farm to a different value compared to when the GUI is active?

I haven’t tested anything yet but would this work?
if not fx.gui:
(enter code here)

Yes, this should be possible. Do you have a script or process that launches the current project on a render machine? You could wedge in some code there that gets executed as part of the command-line render process, using the -script argument. Scripts get executed before the render begins, so you could write a simple script that iterates through all the Roto nodes and sets the motion blur parameters to the values you want.

Yes we do at work. I will have a look at seeing if we can get that setup.

For local rendering to have the same functionality am I right in thinking you could use the pre-render hook?

Also I’m not sure if there’s any plans down the line for this but could this feature be set up within the GUI itself? Having the motion blur parameter highlighted or something visual to signal it will have a different value at render time? As the only problem at the moment is there is no way for an artist to know the value will change automatically without being explicity told.

This issue is brought up often enough it might be useful to add a feature - maybe a global setting, that gets applied to all motion blur sample values during render.
You could do this with a pre-render hook, or you could create an action to do your render that clones the session first. Take a look at some of the current actions for how you could set that up. Would be pretty straightforward.

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