Guidance on Video Stabilisation Techniques and Strategies

I have a problem I am trying to solve and maybe someone on this forum can help.

I have some video footage taken from motorbike (helmet Cams) taken on older gopros, possibly gopro 3 or 4.

This footage is taken on very rough dirt roads and is very shaky, almost unusable.

It is a combination of very shaky footage, moving forward and changing viewpoints as the road direction changes, as such there is very little stable points to focus on, even in the distance.

I have reviewed several BorisFX tutorial videos, looking for pointers and clues on how best to stabilize the footage, or at least recover to the point of being usable. Whilst the examples are clear for the cases illustrated, most do not really address really problematic video What I have is very problematic and most would just dismiss it is a lost cause. However, I am keen to try and tackle a difficult situation and whilst I may not get a perfect result, am interested in exploring what is possible with Mocha AE.

Also, the clips are reasonably long. To cut them into very short 60 sec clips would probably not work that well for the story telling aspect although it is possible with selective editing.

The clips are showing the approach to Mt Everest from the Chinese side in Tibet, the environment is very remote and harsh terrain. It was shot back in 2014.

I understand that stabilizing these clips is a very challenging task, not just a simple short video like is used in most tutorial examples.

Specifically, if you could recommend some more detailed tutorial videos or documented instructions that deal with;

Workflows and tips for analyzing video elements with a view to stabilize
Tracking point selection strategies
Handling changing scenery
Step by Step workflow ideas, i.e can improvements be made by progressive steps?

E.g Is it worth upscaling the framerate and resolution of the clips before applying stabilizing (The clips are either 720 or 1080)
Time is not a problem, I could let the computer run all day if needed to do the work.

I am using a Mac Studio, with 32 Gb Ram so it is reasonably powerful machine. I am using the most up to date version of AE. Mocha AE Build 9.0.4

Ideally, in the context of using the tools I already have, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Mocha AE. I do not have Mocha Pro and would not want to pay a few hundred dollars for a tool that may or may not do a slightly better job. This is a personal project so no one else is helping to pay for it.

Here is a link to an example of the video footage I am trying to salvage into something more presentable.

Mt Everest Base Camp, Tibet - YouTube