Guidance please for using Title FX with Vegas Pro 18

Hello there,
I’m brand new to Title FX having just purchased Vegas Pro 18 suite. Although I’ve been able to create a title, all my options are to save it as a blu file. When I open Vegas, I can’t see my file to import it into my work.

Can someone tell me how I integrate Title and Vegas Pro please as all I’ve been able to do, is to open up both software packages as completely seperate entities.

Thank you for your help.


When you open Vegas Pro 18, you need to go to the video event on the timeline to which you want to add the title - or to a black Media Generator event on a higher video track - and click on the ‘fx’ icon at the top RH corner of either event and select the Title Studio plugin VFX from Vegas Pro’s VideoFX window that opens. Then from the VideoFX window that opens, open Title Studio and use its import function to bring into Title Studio the .blu file from the folder to which it was saved.

.blu is a project file, not a render or finished media that can be used in any NLE. As a project file, .blu can only be used within Title Studio when Title Studio is available and opened.

Hi there,
thank you for your reply and information. The problem with following those steps, is that I have no ‘Title Studio’ listed in my Vegas Pro 18 suite. Title (and Particles) were in my original Vegas download

and so I installed both Title and Particle on my p.c.
I can open Title and work on text, but as you say, files can only be saved as .blu There isn’t any option in Vegas to bring in files from Title, nor does the program show up in Vegas.
In Particle, I can save work as mp4’s, so I have no problem importing those into Vegas.

Am I thinking that my Vegas bundle, doesn’t actually include the full Title version and that it only allows me to ‘play about with it’ with the option of buying it separately? They have done that with
Sapphire. I installed that, then found out it was actually over £1000 to buy.

Many thanks - Luke

You need to check what exactly you have license for. Looking at the Vegas Pro Suite product comparison it doesn’t list Title Studio. So unless you got some additional addon deal you probably don’t have license for it.

I got the continuum Stylize unit with Vegas Movie Studio. When I installed it I also found Particle Illusions and Title Studio standalone applications installed. But there is no way how to use those in Vegas as effect.

With Particles you can render from standalone application. But there is no such option with Title Studio standalone. There you can only save a project.

To actually use Title Studio in Vegas you need to have the license for it. Then it should appear as effect.

Thank you and best wishes - Luke

Hi there,
thank you again for your comments. I’ve managed to find out that I wasn’t given the license for Title, just the software upload. Having trawled around yesterday, I’ve been given
what was in the original purchase details, so I’m all good. By way of interest, does anyone have an idea if parts of Sapphire would be split to sell? I wouldn’t have a need for lots
of that program, but some of the transitions and effects would be helpful.

Thank you again and best wishes.

does anyone have an idea if parts of Sapphire would be split to sell?

If you go to: and click on the Products link in the header, you can choose Sapphire from the dropdown box and see what purchase options are available for Sapphire. At the moment, only the full suite and the Nitro transitions unit (only for Avid Media Composer) are on offer. But I like ythe idea that you’ve raised that Sapphire could be broken down into Units - like occurs with Continuum.

Thank you dexcon. Best wishes for the week ahead.