Guys, help


I have the latest Resolve and latest Sapphire.
Now i have on the timeline some S_Glint and S_Rays effects, and they all rendered well (Line is blue), but if i press play, its STILL choppy! Once i disable the effect the rendered is fluid! What happens?
i7 - DUAL 2070 Super, one uses Resolve the other Sapphire

I have also tried with checking on: Cache Color output and Cache OFX plugin, but to no avail
Even if everything is on blue, like i said, super stuttery at Playback. Also scrubbing is stuttery.


Hi, i found a fix for the problem. Turns out that this happens ONLY if there is only one video layer on the timeline (even if there are multiple tracks). Once there are 2 ore more layers above each other its SMOOTH.

So what I did was to make a fully transparent Photoshop file and putting it on a video track at the top spanning the entire project. Now everything is butter smooth after cache rendering.
Somehow i have the feeling that if there is only one layer the plugin is still GPU realtime employed. And only after a second layer the rendering composite is handed over to davinci. But who knows.

Maybe BorisFX can dig into this further. Cause of course i don’t want to have my projects from now on with a transparent psd file at the top. :smiley: