Hair Rotoscope

Hello again.

I am trying to rotoscope a women. So the women very hariry. I have to select women’s hair bristle one by one. How can I do that ?

I’m afraid you can’t. Try to shoot her in front of a greenscreen.

But I can do that in Silhouette FX. However I want to use mocha. Maybe there is a way.

You want to use open splines and hook those up to the track. To open a spline, draw the spline along the hair and then right click it. Click open spline. You can then link it to the arm track and hand animate, and stroke the spline in your host software. But it’s extremely impractical to roto every arm hair this way.

Best of luck!


If you have adobe after effects cc 2014 or later. You can use the refine edge brush to rotoscope the strands of hair and then import whatever else you need to do in mocha as a separate layer.