Hand tool stutter

Hi guys,

I have stumbled upon a very annoying issue. When I switch to the “hand tool” , zoom in, and try to move around the screen, the movement has a heavy stutter. Sometimes the stutter is so heavy, that the screen does not even move. Its like, the cursor moves, but the screen does not follow. Sometimes it gets more responsive.

It is the same in Mocha Pro 4.1 and in Mocha Pro 5.0

Any ideas what could be the cause?

My PC is Windows 7, i7-2600K, Geforce GTX-760

Is there anything else taxing your video card when you are using mocha and this happens? It sounds like not enough resources are free.

No, no other processes. I restarted the machine, all is clean, just Mocha running. Maybe GPU incompatibility?

Unlikely, we support Nvidia cards pretty well, it might just be that the video card drivers need to be updated.

Ok 2 really weird things, that may help to pinpoint the problem:

  1. The stutter shows only when I move left/right or up/down. There is absolutely no stutter, when I move diagonally…

  2. If I move the hand fast - it moves alright. The stutter comes only if I move slow. The screen is like “snapping” on an invisible grid.

Are you using a mouse or a tablet?


Funny thing, because diagonal movements are working smoothly, I can go from left to right, using a zig-zag pattern :smiley:

Can you try updating your video card driver, restarting, and seeing if it continues to do that?

Alright just updated to the latest Nvidia 368.69

No change - same stutter.

Blerg. OK, I will see if I can repeat it and see if we can log it as a bug.

Thanks for the assistance :slight_smile:

Do you have zoom windows turned on?