Hangs on track Forward/Backward

Hey there.
I’ve been having a real problem for the last month where Mocha hangs when I setup my X-Spline and hit track forward or backward. When I see that it’s not tracking I hit stop and it stays on ‘Stopping Process…’ in the top right corner and the application crashes (must Force Quit). It only happened once in a while before but now it’s every time; I can’t use Mocha anymore. I’ve been looking for new software solutions but I’d like to save some money and use Mocha since it ships with AE and it is (was) the best solution out there. I’m having the same problems in AE2015 but I also noticed that as of yet AE2015 ships with Mocha 4 (I expected 5 may solve my problem). I’ve tried uninstalling AE and reinstalling but same problem occurs.

Is this a known issue / Is there a solution?

Are you guys planning on shipping 5.0 with AE2015?

Mike Sevigny

Hi Mike,

Can you try going to Preferences in mocha and turn on the check box under “Open GL” that says “Disable Offscreen Buffers”?
Then restart mocha and try again.

Another thing to check is to make sure your cache directory is not write protected. This could cause mocha to be unable to move forawrd with tracking as it can’t cache the data.

It worked! Amazing and right in the nick of time. I really needed Mocha this morning and you saved the day. Hopefully this solution consistently works but so far so good.
You guys rock… Mocha rocks…

Thanks a million!
Mike Sevigny