Hi, this is Michael. Need to remove this boom mic from a 4 second clip. Removed the mic cleanly awhile back but for some reason decided to delete and try again. (Don’t ask)

Now I can’t figure out how I tracked the wall initially. Every time I try now it ends up being jittery. Maybe I’m just thinking too much into it but do I need to track perspective and shear?

Or just translation/scale/rotation.

Tried every combo and STILL can’t get the track to stick. Spare me the grainy footage/shaky camera suggestions, I already know this. Aware it makes tracking it more difficult.

Fact is, this is the best performance and need tp remove mic. Would love some help/solutions to tracking the walls.

I originally tracked the poster and linked the poster track to the wall. But the poster track wasn’t a stable of a track because the guy crosses over it. Here’s a snapshot on the second farthest I’ve gotten.

Struggling with the concept on tracking perspective and shear. Do I need it in this shot? Rememer Tracking translation only helped me out a bunch in my first attempt but maybe I’m just telling myself that cause I can’t remember.

Also, track translation only a couple frames to get past some tricky areas but when I switch to tracking all parameters again the translation keyframes disappear. I click translation only and they reappear but my perspective keyframes are gone. Do I have bugs in my tracking or what.

Anyways, end rant. Looking forward to hearing from someone on a solution to this.

Thanks again

TBH until you pointed it out, I didn’t even see the boom. :joy:

I’ll take a stab at it and see if there is an easy solution, but you’re right, this is tricky,

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Thanks, know it’s possible because my first attempt, where I deleted the project to start over, the boom was removed minus small artifacts after I created a clean plate. Think I deleted it cause I figured it was had black artifacts on the side wall and didn’t think I tracked it properly… Wishing I could hop in a time machine, tell myself not to delete that project. Saved me loads of stress.

Thanks again,
Keep me posted

This is by no means perfect (some mask cleanups might be necessary), but it should help:
boom remove.mocha (1.2 MB)

I created clean plates on 4 frames: 23, 47, 63 and 78. You’re probably better off recreating these yourself as they were simple stamp jobs, but if you want mine I can zip them up.

TBH the hardest part is the blur and grain.

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I appreciate you giving it a try. It was causing me nothing bur heart ache.

Sounds good, will go ahead and create my own clean plates. Will let you know otherwise.

Thank you