Hard track - Bottle label replacement

I have to replace the label on this bottle and I’m having a really hard time figuring out the track.
Could anyone guide me in the right workflow for this kind of shot?

Hey, what version do you have?

This is going to be tricky. The bottle rotates significantly and obscures the label on both sides of the bottle.
This is probably going to need to be broken down into at least three parts:

  1. Tracking the initial logo as it rotates to the camera right
  2. Tracking the logo that is revealed rotating from camera left
  3. Tracking the logo as it returns from the camera right.

The hardest part is, as you would have already worked out, the disappearing label rotating in the Y axis. Mocha doesn’t predict 3d rotation, but if you have the mesh tracker you can at least track the projected rotation to a certain point.

Are you specifically replacing the label with a new graphic, or just getting rid of the branding?

I’m replacing it with a new 100% solid label that will go on top.
I have done it in other clips. But this one is by far the hardest one. The transparent bottle and the lights make it even harder to track.

So far in the other clips I used a combination of mocha tracks and the cc Cylinder to manually rotate the label to match up with the bottle rotation.

PowerMesh tracks curved objects well but doesn’t do as well with this kind of lighting. You might even try the insert module here with hand grid warp corrections over a regular planar track. This one is very tricky.

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