Hard track: low contrast and motion blur makes Mocha sad :(

Hey all,

Am trying to do the ol’ Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues card trick. In other words, am trying to track posterboard sized cards being set down one at a time so I can replace them and add animation on to them.

Am having a very difficult time getting a clean track of the card using AE and/or Mocha AE.

Am sure I set it up all wrong. That is a given. Was a last minute change on set to use these cards. Did my best to set myself up for success in post. Not so much!

Anyway, can anyone offer any suggestions/tips on the best way to track these cards so i can replace them? I think the motion blur on the card is making it nearly impossible. Mocha loses the markers every single time. I tried to roto out the card and then track it but am having the same issue.

ANY help would be greatly appreciate.

Thanks so much for taking a look.


Link to shot: https://vimeo.com/user13782109/review/232832336/1930b08e90

Try to track the edges and + signs only instead of the middle of the card and hands. Then use either adjust track or more probably manual track to get those last few frames off screen. That would be my suggestion.