Has anyone experienced MacOS Big Sur compatibility issues?

I was waiting for the macOS 11.1 update for stability/reliability reasons, but I’m hoping to confirm someone on here has run the latest Mocha Pro plugin, and that it has been stable.

Hi Craig,

Are you running an M1 or a standard intel machine?

We don’t support macOS Big Sur yet officially, but on standard intel machines it should be fine.
We’re aware of some license tool issues on deactivation. We’ve had no other reports as yet.

The M1 support should be available next year.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the reply.

I’m running it on Intel. I tested several things out on my Intel MacBook to see if I found anything that didn’t work before installing it on my Mac Pro, and I didn’t run into any issues. So far, so good, on my Mac Pro. Glad to hear the only issues you’ve heard of are the license tool on deactivation. Do you plan on fixing that one issue on the next update?

It’s definitely on the list to address as soon as possible.

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Great! Thank you!