Having difficulty maintaining accurate tracking of a background object

Hello and thank you in advance for your time and support.
System: I am running Mocha Pro AE (Version 9.5.2 build 9.g13b278477fd3
Build Date May 26 2022) on an iMac running Monterey 12.4.

I am trying to track a background object (sign) to replace with new logo with relatively fast moving, blurred objects in the foreground. I believe I have successfully created occlusions. I start to lose the tracking when the object is moving to the left while the camera is panning to the right. I have turned on/off perspective, mesh, and used the plus spline tool to “grab” other areas to assist in the tracking. All efforts thus far have failed. Here is a screen recording: 2022-07-14_21-10-42.mp4

Hi Joseph,
My understanding is you want to track the sign and it is occluded by a few foreground objects.

  1. You should not be using Mesh tracking as the sign area is planar data. Mesh is only used for organic objects.
  2. DId you try adding in the areas on the back wall that are relative to the sign (see attached)
  3. Possibly your occlusion layers should be a little bigger?

If you want to upload the clip itself and your Mocha project, I can take a look.

Hey Ross! I tried with and without mesh. I used the plus spline tool over several areas relative to the main track and I have created occlusion on the foreground objects. Still get major drift when cyclist approaches the sign. There are two other scenes before this one where I was successful in obtaining a good track. The only difference in this scene is the camera moves to the right to follow this guy, whereas the other scenes the camera is relatively stationary.

I don’t think the occlusion is a problem. I made them very big beyond the object wit no change.

Neal suggested I use the mesh.

Ross, sorry I am piecemealing this response. So to upload this clip and the project is quite large. Let me just extract this footage without the other scenes. Do just upload from within this forum?

You can send me the link to download the clip directly. (you have my email).
You can upload to Google drive or any service.

I would add one other idea if you are exhausting the typical suggestions to solve a track:
Disable GPU tracking in Mocha Pro prefs. (need to restart Mocha after).

Here is the project. Thank you!

I was able to track your clip without too much difficulty. I made 3 occlusion layers and one track area with perspective. Set min% pixels to 90.

Attached is the AE
cyclist3_RS.aep (614.7 KB)

and here is a screen record:

It looks pretty solid and could be further tweaked with as few AdjustTrack keytframes.
Make sense?