Having items wipe ON, not OFF [Vegas 17]

So I have an overlay graphic, like a screen bug. It is a static image in it’s own video channel, with the main video in its own channel “lower down” (physically lower in the Vegas Pro 17 interface, so lower in the compositing stack)

I can easily make it fade in/out with the fade handles, but I want to do something more visually interesting.

There are a bunch of Boris FX wipes that look promising, but when I drag them to the effects chain, the graphic starts at 100% and wipes to 0%. I want it to work backwards, starting at 0% and using the wipe to appear at 100%. Same effect, but backwards.

I thought “invert” might do it, but that changes the alpha mask, not the sequence.

Daniel-San must wipe on before he wipes off! How is this accomplished?

Most such effects should have a way to toggle the animation from automatic to “Manual” or “Percent Done” which should allow you to manually keyframe the wipe in the way you want.