Head in front of screen

I have footage from a memorial service with a wide shot showing a screen. The screen showed an image of the deceased, but was washed out on video. I’d like to composite the image onto the screen which is easy enough to do with FCPx. However, half way through the service, a person sat in front of the screen and his head blocks a small portion of the screen. The shot is locked down and the head does not move very much.

How can I use mocha to “sandwich” the image of the deceased between the screen (background) and the head (foreground). I have looked at the tutorials, but don’t see this exact scenario.

Thank you

According to what you have said, its a locked down shot and the head doesn’t move much. Just roto the head and export as a Mocha shape and use that as a track matte in FCP to render out the head on top of the screen insert layer which you have already put in position. I don’t use FCP so I may be mistaken as to what things are called in that program.

Hi there,

We do not currently export mocha Pro shapes and tracks to FCPX, you will need coremelt’s SliceX/TrackX to composite this in FCPX. Or you can use mocha and After Effects to export the track for the image and the roto for the person in front of the image.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.