Hello hello hello am-az-ing

Amazing what is happening in here!
You can see that i literally succeeded to track the motion with mocha (look at the video below you can see how the Mocha Logo has been tracked nicely)…


when i try to imply the tracking data to a null ,
then “pickwhip” a layer to the null (small patch to hide the people there),

the layer doesnt stop moving like it hadnt got the tracking data

Hope for help, thank everybody!

Here is what i did:

Hi there,

When you want to align an object to a plane, a null is not the best choice. Try a corner pin instead. Let me know if that fixes your issue for you.


Do you mean like that?

What is your end goal? The track in this video is not solid and the surface tool represents the corner pin, but this track will not get you good results. Have you watched our fundamentals of Mocha series? You might find it very helpful.

Thanks i will