Hello I was wondering if at all possible to get a little help tracking a shot

Hello good peeps of the BorisFX. I have a shot that I thought was an easy/not so hard track especially for Mocha but I’ve been trying all day tacking different routes and I still cant get this track Crazy glued. Would it at all be possible for someone to teamviewer in with me and maybe talk me through it.

Thanks for any help.

Hi there!
Please share the video here or in a DM of it’s under NDA

Hello Elizabeth. Is it possible just to team viewer in real quick. I dont feel comfortable uploading the footage. Its a very easy shot trust me.

Im guessing you work for Boris FX?

Correct, I’m Boris FX team member.

I’m sorry I cannot connect via the timeviewer right now, but I would have some time to have a look at your shot tomorrow during work hours

Really looking for a teamviewer session. I think I would learn the most from that experience. Let me know if and when it would be possible. I am off today so it would be a perfect time.

I Will have a chance to look at it tomorrow between
3 AM- 2 PM EST.

Drop me an email to


thank you. Have a good night.

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