Help/advice on clean up

Hello everyone.

I am currently learning VFX and I am experimenting with Mocha pro (using trial version).

I would appreciate your help with the following clip :

Specifically at time 0:47 - 0:50, when the hands take the book in front of the sitting actor.
What would be the best method to remove the hands? Is it better to use the remove module or insert module?

Many thanks in advance.


If you trying to get read from this hand just for learning, it’s not the best shot for that. But anyway, every cleanup used same techniques- tracking, paint, and roto. Try searching “stabilized precomp” technique

You can use the remove for the areas where the hands pass over the background, but this was originally done with a cleanplate and compositing.

To remove where the hands pass over Wong you’ll likely have to use the insert module or rotopaint.


Thank you very much everyone for your prompt response.

I will try the techniques you wrote. Hopefully I will have a result. And if not, well, as everyone say we are learning from our mistakes :slight_smile: