Help! Im using a real mask with track markers but exported track data only "looks" 3D

I made a mask with track markers on it. when I track the markers in mocha pro I am able to get the track data. My problem is it only “looks” 3D. when I switch to 2 views in after effects the angled view shows that they are all in the same position and not actually 3d. i.e. I have a marker on my ears forehead top of head and chin. you can see the rotations and movements but they aren’t actually happening. If I add the moch camera then they move in 3d space but they are inverted and warped. I need to know how do i get the track data with the motion and rotation in an actual 3d plane. I’ve watched about 100 videos and none of them can help me. I tried to track 2 layers to establish the “plane” as some videos suggested but that doesn’t do anything.

Are you doing a 3D solve?

Mocha Pro’s planar data is 2D. If you need 3D data you need to follow the instructions for a Camera Solve instead and export the 3D camera data to AE.

If you’re specifically wanting 3D data for the face, you’ll need to solve the static scene first (i. the parts of the scenery that are NOT moving). This is done by tracking static planes in the scene to determine the camera. You can then export the tracked moving parts of the scene.

See the user guide here: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022.5 User Guide

Thank you, I will try again. I tracked the 2 walls in the scene and then the moving part but the data still shows up on a single plane. I’m still trying to figure things out. I will look at the manual tonight. Thank you again!