Help! mocha pro 2022 dont show replay after imported clip

Hey everyone, i really need some help, i decided today to step over from mocha pro 2021 to the new 2022. I’ve installed it but now mocha doesn’t show any replay from the clip after it is inserted. it shows everything normally just not the video itself…
( see image )

Please help me further, whas just about to do some tracks



Hi Sam, what resolution are you using there? Your interface is very squished.
I’m wondering if this is some kind of display issue.

I am using a
HD 1920x1080 resolution

I am still figuring out this issue😢

Hi Sam,

Is that the footage size or the monitor size? I’m looking for the dimensions of your screen resolution, as that interface looks very small, so some kind of display issue is at play here.

What do you have your screen scaling set to?

My display resolution is 1366x768

So I downgraded to 2021 again and here it’s
Just working fine as I used to🤷🏼‍♂️, still don’t know why I cant use the new update.

But okay.

I should mention the minimal requirement of running Mocha is a screen resolution of 1200x800 pixels, but that is generous. Considering you’re at 1366x768 I’d first suggest getting a bigger screen to work on.
It should be closer to 1920x1080 to at least fit your screen in.

That, however, doesn’t explain the missing clip in your viewer.

Can you show me your GPU settings in Mocha Preferences please? Preferably in the 2022 version?
Can you also please attach the log from the Mocha help menu?