HELP - Need to remove wire in front of a grizzly bear - Stereoscopic


I’m a indie producer on a 3D 4K film, were we dumped a lot of our budget into a scene with a live bear. We had to film with 2 white wires in front for safety purposes and what was once thought of as a easy wire removal has turned into us pulling our hair out. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for this shot.

The issues we are running in to.

  • The wire is in front of the bear, for the most part the camera is on a tripod and steady. But the bear moves around quite a bit.

-The complexity and detail of the fur, since it moves with his muscles a painted fix tracked on top won’t work since it doesn’t react the same way as other hair.

-3D. Any solution needs to have the proper divergence to make sure the fix doesn’t float in front of the bear in 3D space.


Any tips, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


As someone who has painted hair before, I have to tell you, it is never easy. But we can help hopefully make it a bit easier.

I’d really recommend hand painting using mocha import plus for this. mocha import plus is used to make stabilized precomps to paint on and then hand paint on stabilized areas as if you were painting in photoshop, but then you can destabilize the paint and it moves with the shot. It will be faster than trying to just use remove for this (but remove will totally solve your wire where it goes over the BG if the BG data is planar. You’ll also want to make nice roto of this bear to comp all your paint patches together over the BG.

You can use mocha import plus in nuke or AE, but it’s going to be the way to go on this shot.

I use it when I do a lot of finicky paint work (like last week it saved me on 6 shots), and I can’t recommend it enough.