Help Needed- AE Import

Hello there,

Hope somebody can help me.

I’m having an issue with importing a perfect track from Mocha AE to AE, and no it’s not the old corner pin displacing the image problem.

I’m sure it’s something equally obvious and daft.

When I import tracking data to after effects it only puts a keyframe every 3 frames (I looked at the raw data and it has the right numbers) It also does not automatically open and apply the corner pin effect- acting as if it is transform data only (Again I looked at the raw text data which seems to have all the required values) whether the data is corner pin or transform- it treats it like transform and applies the data accordingly- Then goes and puts a keyframe every 3 frames.

I have checked all the frame settings- in Mocha it says 29.97 - in ae it says 29.97

very weird. Any help greatly appreciated.

Windows Vista 64
Mocha build 1.2.0
quad core Xeon 3.00 GHZ
16 Gig Ram

I’ve seen this before and simply saving the project, reopening and re-exporting solved the issue.
Good luck,