Help needed with Silhouette Paint point tracker

I’m having trouble with the point tracker in Silhouette Paint. Preprocessing doesn’t seem to have any effect and the tracker fails to find what should be an obvious shape. Here’s an example of my setup:

I want to track the white dot and have increased the sharpness and contrast so that it’s easy to find. The next frame looks almost identical to this but the tracker fails immediately. Also note that when I hover over the tracker, the preview to the right is completely black, like there’s nothing there. Here’s an example of how it looks:

I’m new to Silhouette Paint so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but this looks like a bug to me. Any advice? Many thanks!


@dhl The outer, dashed box of the Point Tracker is the Search Region, which should be the maximum
amount your tracking point will move between frames. The trick is to make the Search Region as small as
possible, yet still large enough to cover the area the tracker will move from frame to frame. If the Search Area is smaller than the amount of distance the point travels, the tracker will go off course.

As far as the preview box being black when you hover over the track point, this only occurs when the Preview is enabled. This has been this way for a number of versions, but we will see about fixing that.

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@Marco - thanks for the reply.

Here’s an example of how the tracker is failing. This is frame 1

and this is frame 2

I’ve intentionally cranked up sharpening and contrast in preprocessing so that there’s only a white dot on a solid black field. My search and match areas are fairly tight to the dot. Even though the dot changes shape between frames, it’s pretty clear it’s the only white shape in the search region. But notice how the search completely misses it.

I’m using the every frame behavior with a middle tolerance setting. I would think the tracker should see this. It’s acting like it’s searching on the unprocessed raster instead of searching on the results of my preprocessing setting.

The dot does jump around and I expect to do some hand tweaking, but this should be easy for any good point tracker. Am I missing something here?


Can you send me a download link to first 10 frames of your footage and I’ll give it a try? You can direct message me with the link.

Even it happened to me many times. not able to figure out the reason, sometimes playing with the search area solves and sometimes it won’t.

PM sent, thanks for your help!

@dhl I can get a good track with the following settings:

If I use Pre-Processing > Contract, a value larger than 25 or so will cause the tracker to fail. This seems to be unique to your image as I can crank the Contrast up to 100 on other images without a problem.
Hope this helps.

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@Marco - interesting. I wonder what the deal is with my particular image. I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes.

One more question - is it currently possible to import AE point tracker data into Silhouette Paint?


The Silhouette point tracker supports the import of After Effects Corner Pin data. Give that a try.