Help or Tutorials for newcomers

Just instaled BBC Continuum and it looks like there are great tools but I havent a clue when, how and what sequence to use them. All the tutorials on you tube and Boris’s site are very specific but I havea lot of questions that I cant seem to find answers to.

For example, do you create separate video layers in PP or resolve (I use both) for each separate effect or transition or use an adjustment layer than can handle groups of fx? Can I create a macro of effects/ looks that I can use from project to project (say, cross processed/fast film grain/lens flare)? How and when do I use the different parameters to adjust the intensity of an effect? I have no idea which parameter to adjust (one, several all). What’s the best practice for an fx workflow?
If you can point to stearter tutorials that would be great - most that I can find are about Mocha and are very in depth which will be useful when I have a better handle on the app tools. Any help you can give would be most appreciated.