HELP please: PS CC, Win 10 - Optics plugin keeps quitting when invoked a 2nd time while editing

Hoping for quick help.

I open a file.
Create a duplicate layer of what I want to work on.
Turn the layer into a smart object
Invoke Optics successfully.
Save the work (commit back to the file).

Invoke Optics a 2nd time.

BOOM! Optics launches and then immediately quits.


If I quit PS and relaunch attempting to edit the saved file, Optics may launch, or may not, haven’t figured out the patterns yet.

Can you reliably reproduce this with another image? Does the choice of filter matter?

Thank you for the quick pick up here, Marco.

It doesn’t matter which file, it repros for a number of different images.

All my efforts have been contained with the S-Zap filter, but within that group, the issue repros across a few different choices.

I’m trying to continually flatten down the image, and purge the channels to make the file size smaller (keeping original copies of the files of course). I’m close to the 2 gig file limit before being forced to save as a PS psb (large format) file, and wondering if that’s a factor. Hope not, because I shoot with Nikon d850, so native file sizes are already large, and many times, elements need to be given their own cutout layers…

Both Win10 and PS CC as well as Optics are completely current/up to date.

I am not able to replicate this issue with my images. Can you private message me the file that has Optics applied to the Smart Object so I can test with?