Help removing lav mic with cord


I’m still back in Mocha Pro v3.22, but am having some issues trying to get a good solve on this shot.

The client wants the cable removed, but I think everything can be removed.

I’ve tried using the remove tutorial Mary Poplin did a while back with the chef and the lav mic, but that’s not working.

Any ideas on how to tackle this?



Hi Jim,

The client needs to tuck that wire under the shirt next time, for one thing. The mic in my tutorial was about the size of a quarter and so a lot less remove to manage.

You should be able to solve this with the remove module though, the track isn’t that complex. You might have to split the planes to the top of the chest and the front of the body though, and make sure to avoid hands and shadows.

Can you be more specific about the issues you are having? I can help if I know more.

You will need a cleanplate for this remove.


Yeah, the whole “fix it in post” axiom gives us VFX/CG guys grief and job security :slightly_smiling_face:

One of my issues was when I tried to track two different areas and then do a remove, the clean plate I created only showed up in a small area, and not where I had ‘outlined’ the REMOVE layer using an xSpline.

Also, what frame should I create the clean plate from? The talent moves up and reveals more mic cable about 3/4ths of the way through.

When I tried to track with one plane, I’m guessing my track was bad because the clean plate didn’t ‘stick’ as in your example with the chef.



Remove is going to nail the mic part, but that wire is going to be tricky.

For removes, the BG shape needs to be large and it needs to cover the FG remove shape completely, so that’s probably what you are seeing.

If possible… try cheating. You might be able to get away with a “stuck to her sweater” roto shape and then offsetting the pixels. I am seeing a lot of subtle shadows across the bottom of her torso that looks like it will really stink to fix. I wouldn’t keep the wiggle in, just make the shape big enough to cover the mic wire while sticking to the sweater so it is less obvious.

Consider trying SIlhouette Paint for this if the roto shape doesn’t work out. It might just be faster to hook rotopaint up to a track to fix this, the subtle shadows are going to be really difficult even with illumination modeling.

If the remove still isn’t looking right it’s almost certainly the track and those shadows and perhaps occlusions passing through your BG shape.

Anyway, try the roto offset for the wire and the remove for the mic and let me know.