Help solving a track?

Hey everyone, I hope this is the right place to ask for help.
I have to track an interior shot (POV sitting at the office, looking at the window). Specifically, the window must be tracked, as it must be replaced with another object.

The track is taking more time than I would like to, as near the end, the POV camera pans rather quickly, leaving the track-area out of sight and thus making my tracks unstable. I have tried using several tracking-areas within the shot, solving a 3D camera, etc. to no avail.

If I were to post the shot, could I get some feedback as to what the proper/ideal way of tracking it would be?
I would be most grateful!


Hi Chris!

First this is the blind leading the blind. If their is one thing I am finding about mocha, get the help or the right kind of help you need is an issue. With that said I will give it a go. Not knowing how you have set things up, (tracking the window, or areas on each side). You most likely will need to just tack the window and link the image or video to that tracked area. As the camera pans, check the tracking area that your are have an issue with and create keys by moving the track node points to keep the tracking area on the window area. In most cases by default the auto key is on or use the uber-key is on. For a new-be its my best guest. Hope someone with real knowledge responds to your post.

Kind Regards,

rob hanson

Hey Chris,

When you are tracking the window, you can also use shapes on the wall or surrounding frames/windows to help with the track. You don’t have to just use the existing window to get the track you need as any part of the plane can help.

As Rob mentions, it’s difficult to tell from the description, so posting the shot will definitely help to give advice.

Rob, it sounds like you have run into some mocha walls previously and haven’t found the help you need. If you’re ever stuck, let us know!

Hey, thank you so much for your replies. Due to the nature of this project, I had to deliver almost immediately, and thus went on to tracking with another tracking-solution.

Thank you!