Help solvingcamera

Dear mocha users, Hopefully some one can help me with this issue I have been having. Im trying to do a simple track of this truck, and all I want to do is put a logo on the side of the truck trailer. I am having a lot of difficulty solving the camera movements though. Here is the footage in question:



I can track the camera and truck alright, and scrubbing through with the grid on reveals it has tracked just fine. However, when it comes to solving the camera layer, I cant seem to get anywhere. The solve takes hours, and it always just stays at 0% solve quality when its done.

I have followed this tutorial:

Any help would be appreciated.

JUST Fyi I have tried tracking the camera with both pan tilt zoom and large parallax change. Neither has seemed to work. The area I have masked to try track the camera has been as big as I could make it without touching the truck or moving cars.

You really do not need to do a camera solve to place a logo on the truck. Simply track the surface of the truck and if needed use AdjustTrack to align the surface even closer. Then export the track data to your platform of choice to corner pin a logo.

The camera solver is not going to work on a moving object like this unless you do a track on “fixed objects” such as the ground, etc. The difficult issue here is mocha’s camera solver needs at least 2 planes to solve for a large parallax move.

Again, for the purpose of logo insertion, no need for a camera solve.