Help Tracking a thin pole in the style

I am trying to track this pole as it waves back and forth but mocha pro isnt tracking it at all. I am on the default settings of mocha pro. Any tips?

Depends on your end goal. Mocha is a planar tracker. You might be better off with a point tracker like in after effects.


(Mediocre mocha user)

Thanks for the reply!

So would I point track a section of that pole and then attach a shape to it? then key frame the shape as it bends in a “whip” like way.

You can’t point track in Mocha. If it’s whipping really fast, you might need to increase the search area. If it’s not tracking at all, it might be either you need to turn GPU tracking off and restart and try again, OR it’s having a hard time. You can track the entire vertical length of the pole and it should track well.

You might hand animate the shape over time to hold on better.

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You could try to track just the guy’s hand with a small shape and then add (X+) button another small shape at the very top of the pole. Set track to transform only and increase % of pixels up to 80. “If” this works you would then link a more articulate shape to that track and probably have to animate a few KF.

The thin black pole does not have enough texture to track. As Mary suggested, hand roto might be best option.

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Yup I tried tracking the entire pole from the hand up but it only got a few frames then lost it. I’ll try the GPU off.

I was surprised because I think the contrast from blue and black would be easy to track

I guess not since it’s all about texture