Help Tracking Blurry Screen that Flips

I’m hoping someone can help with an issue im having where I have to replace the screen on a phone. Unfortunately because of the confidentiality of the footage I can not post any of it here.

The best I can describe it is that its a clip of a man facing camera while looking at his phone and then turning it and moving it closer to the camera to show us whats on the screen. The turning of the phone is very similar to the way this guy turns the phones in this video

The catch is that the footage I have to work with wasn’t very well thought out. Instead of turning the phone on and showing a green texture, when they shot the footage they put green masking tape over the screen and drew smudgy “X’s”. On top of that the footage is blurry throughout the entire shot and its in slow motion (which seems to make it hard to hide jitters in fast motion).

Searches related to tracking blurry shots all mention re-shooting the footage. Sadly that isnt an option and I have used this tutorial

But it only helped so much and doing it by had has only made it worse. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi Kyle,

Unfortunately, if the shot is not well planned out, hand work is exactly what you will have to do. But first you can treat each turn like it is it’s own separate track. Once you have all the turns tracked out, you can either correct the corner pin inside of AE or you can use the manual track to correct this or you can use adjust track if it isn’t a large motion that needs correction.

Without seeing your issue I will have a hard time diagnosing it for you. You should send me an email at and I can call and walk you through it.


I redid the tracking and got everything look a lot better than it did yesterday. But I still have some slight drifting thats noticeable and the only way I can think of fixing that is to adjust the corner pins in AE. When I do that it makes things look worse and while the drift isnt as great anymore there’s a lot of jittering from doing it by hand. Is there a quicker more accurate way to try and eliminate drifting?

Are you able to use Adjust track at all? That should be the best way to correct it in mocha.