Help: Tracking Moving + Rotating Screen with Motion Blur and Pan

Hi all,

I’m having trouble tracking this screen so that I can replace it. I contacted someone at Mocha, and they gave me a track to import, but that track is also not working for me (more likely my fault than theirs).

When I track the beginning of this clip it terminates the track prematurely. Towards the end it continually changes to shape of my x-spline. I’ve tried keying the spline towards the end for the motion blur zoom and pan portions of this shot.

Here is the video clip I’m trying to track/ replace:

Here is the Mocha track I was given:
Phone track.mocha (426.4 KB)

Any tips and help are greatly appreciated.


The clip link is asking for a password. Track link is working.

Hi there,

The reason your tracking data won’t paste right is because the tracking data is incorrect. Turn the surface tool on to see the track. The spline is just where the track is looking. There will be a lot of “manual tracking” in this shot because of the spin. Boris FX | Quick Tip: Manual Track

But also, this is a rendered phone and not a real phone, with very little “texture” to grab onto and zero texture to grab as the phone zooms in. You are going to have to do a lot of hand animating with manual track in general just to get this right. Try tracking translation, scale, and rotation only for where the phone is not moving in perspective. Any time the phone moves in perspective, you may use perspective to try and get a better track, but will probably get better results with manual track because of the severe angle change and the lack of texture.

Try that and see if you have better results.


Hey all,

Thanks so much for this input. I’ve also changed the video so that it doesn’t require a password to be viewed.

@maryp - Thanks, I will try this and post my results.

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th! Thanks again,