Help trying out a plugin for Sapphire


Im want to test a certain plugin for Sapphire to see how well it works but I can’t figure out a way to install it. It is called Recover HDR. It contains two .effect files and no instructions. Does anybody have experience dealing with .effect files?



Recover HDR is a not an effect, which is why it doesn’t have the classic Sapphire help documentation. Recover HDR (basic and advanced) is a preset created for the Sapphire Builder (S_effect). You load S_effect onto a source clip and then choose the Recover HDR preset, and it can recover highlights or shadow information that was clipped. Once inside Builder, the nodes are labeled as to what does what, i.e. Shadows, Highlights, etc. It was created by an outside artist, so if you really want to deep dive, I could reach out and start up an email discussion on the nitty gritty.


Hello, I installed continuum and sapphire, but why is not there shadows/higlhihts?I need only this one plugin (very base and important plugin) for premiere cs7.

Hello! Could you explain what you mean by shadows and highlights? What effect are you looking to achieve?


Hello, for 90 percent of videos i need - decrease highlights and increase shadows.

Nobody is solving highlights here?It is base plugin

If you are referring to color correcting the highlights and shadows, there are tons of plugins and nativ in-app tools that already do this. We would not make such a basic tool when there are so many other options out there already.

If you are referring to isolating a specific Sapphire effect to the highlights or shadows, that’s an intersting idea that we could take into consideration.

I mean HDR efffects - decrease brightnes(exposure) of highligths and increase shadows.
Yes here is shadows highlights plugin. But he has bug: flickering or strobbing.
No solution, I am looking forums:
Adobe Support Community, Adobe Support Community
I need use another one plugin.

All Sapphire effects work in HDR space. Again, I think there is a language gap here because I’m not understanding what you are asking for.

It is very simple , it is base for almost videos generaly. Look attachement. Snow is preexposure, trees are underexposure.

Still you don’t understand this clear isue? :slight_smile:

I think we understand the problem you have described. The issue you point out is more of a bug with Premiere, I would expect them to fix it soon or add additional support. Applications like Resolve and Flame do not have this issue.

Sapphire are high-end visual effects plugins. You are requesting a plugin to fix a color correction issue in one specific host. Issues like these are best left to Adobe. We tend to think a lot bigger!

On a side note, I might suggest upgrading from Premiere CS7??? 2013 was a long time ago, and I’m sure the new Lumetri Panel in Premiere CC does not have this problem. But once again, that would be a question for Adobe.

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I will hope for soon support from Adobe. I have CC 2017.
Nevertheless thanks for help.