HELP! Where do I start?

The notes are “remove wording from yellow sign”

This is moving footage of a car going through a city. So I’ve got several trees and posts moving in front of this sign. I’m familiar with hold out mattes, I can track it and all that. But what do I fill it with? Clean plate? And then what about those freakin’ leaves? Is that just going to be a frame-by-frame death march in Photoshop?

It’s doesn’t HAVE to be yellow. I could desaturate it and make it white, gray, black…


Hi Norm,
personally I would try to start with a garbage matte around the sign to easily work on just the area of the sign, then dupe the layer to have just a thin rough sized sign shape to work with, and try some keying to get the leaves and the post on the top layer ( so you can add anything behind easily) , that orange and white should make it easier to pull the green leaves and dark pole out. Some of the BCC key plugins would help correct any colour spill.
The Mocha aspect I would use if there was something specific you wanted to replace the banner with for a tight track. The pole may require some hand tweaking, or even a dummy replacement with some motion blur to match the footage ( probably trimmed where the sign edges would run behind to help hide the seam at motion speed). if you don’t have anything specific to add i would go for a subtle textured white, like the big white panel and roof top

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OK, so for the lamp post and leaves what you need to do is rebuild those as an insert. I have a tutorial for this kind of thing (a more simplified version anyway) that you can find here: Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module

I’d probably rebuild that bush where it breaks the strip, same for the post.

The strip itself is an easy enough insert replacement with motion blur.


Thank you Mary.

I was thinking this should be possible, but I did’t know where to start.

This is a 6 second clip. I’ve got 7 trees and 3 posts to deal with.

Gonna try it right now.


Hi Norm,

Best of luck! The blurry FG objects make it nontrivial, but with the insert tool and motion blur you should get something that can work for you. If not… roto and maybe some rotopaint touchups should work to final the shot.

Thanks again. Can you recommend a resource in case I have to farm this out to someone?

You can ask this forum? Also, if you email me I can give you some contacts. mary p at boris fx dot com. :slight_smile: