Help with a perspective track

I have several screen replacements that where successfully tracked on a device, but one shot in particular you only see the top half of the screen. The top left and right corners are tracked perfectly but the bottom left and right bounce around everywhere, is there a trick to track this? The bottom corner bounces up and down and won’t stay a consistent length from the top edge.

*The device has very little little movement and is slightly angled. Quality of video is very good and in 2k so that isn’t an issue.

*Since only half of the device is seen on camera the tracking mask only gets to track the top half of the frame (the mask looks like an upside down U).

Thanks Ross!

Your technique worked out since there was very little movement. 3 different masks on the same layer. There was a little bit of movement on the bottom right side, but it’s not noticeable.

Well - it is tough to really say with out seeing the shot. Are there reflections in what you are tracking? Often you need to add a 2nd layer to subtract reflections as the “pattern recognition” aspect of the sfw could interpret reflections as deoth and make you loose track.

Another tip is sometimes it cam help to break up a layer into a group of shapes all on the same plane in one layer: using the add contour to layer button. Sometimes this solves tracks that a 1 shape tracker can’t.

As usual if you want to post this for us we can take a look!


Glad to be of help. I’d solved lots of issues simply using that technique.