Help with complex stabilization sot

Hello friends,

I am trying to figure out how to approach the stabilization of a shot like this one: CLIP

As you can see I don’t have a very clear area to track, I wonder how the pros would approach it?

Thanks so much.

There seems to be enough details in the shadows on the right or top right? Are you trying to minimize the camera motion or complexly lockdown the motion?

Just minimizing… and smoothing it out a little. Sorry, I am not an expert with mocha, I am actually the director of the short? Should I use that area to track then?

I’d try tracking translation, rotation, and scale on the curtains, and both sides of the bed around the puppet, all on the same layer and then use that to stabilize. You can set the frames to every 5 frames or so instead of maximum smoothing to smooth the camera motion out.