Help with discrepansie in help docs

Hi All

i need clarification.
in your help doc, for mocha continuum pixel chooser in usage example section under the 5 image down it states , to do
“• Set the Rotation parameter to a value of minus 90
• Set the Gradient Start to 700 (default is 540), which will shorten the masked area so that more of the upper portion of the clip is affected by the filter
• Set the Gradient Distance parameter to a value of 30 which will smooth the transition between the filtered and non filtered regions in the clip”

only the Gradient Start numbers doesnt match the number format displayed from the example and my BCC.
iit says to change “Gradient Start” to 700 (default is 540) is this correct? the BCC i have doesnt use or display this number format, the version on Mocha continuum i have shown the numbers in this format 0.50,0.50 and not 960.0,700.0 as shown in the example
which is correct? any clarification on the discrepansie

Hi There!

So can you please tell me in what host and on what platform are you using the filters? Have you applied the filter director to an image clip?


HI Thanks Peter
sorry, new at this, i should have added that.

yes, host, (program) is Magix Vegas Pro 18, platform (OS) windows 10 pro

not sure, learning lots right now, not sure of anything yet. it was following the example in this help doc

OK BCC Fast Film Process filter preset “Color Push”

number format displayed doesn’t match, 0.50,0.50 is my filter display and 960.0,700.0 is what the example screen displays. i noticed that the example is AE, different coordinate plane format maybe?

so would the conversion be as simple as 0.96,0.70?

learning VP18, the continuum and its mocha plus something else that came with it, very cool but i am a bit lost thou