Help with making a maple leaf hug


i need some help or some guidance.
i want to curl in the two sides of a maple leaf, to make it look like a “hug”. (animated if possible)
i have been trying with BCC Page Turn, but i just ain’t getting the look i am looking for.

i seem to need multiple layers, but that ain’t working for me either , both layers show, it dont what i want.

new at all this,
so do i cut the leaf out, cut out the side arms, cut into two sides? i got a Maple leaf all sliced and dices if that helps, lol so far it hasn’t help me thou

any pointers?


Hi, What about BCC Cylinder. :thinking:


i will give it a try! and see what happens


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If you want it to hug something you’ll need it to be 3D or mask the parts that wrap around :man_shrugging::thinking:


:slight_smile: more to learn then, fun stuff, i am new after all
now time to think and work that out, :smiley: a challenge

Thanks again

this is what i playing at

Are you just folding the leaf or the whole 1920x1080 flag?

I couldn’t get BCC Cylinder to work, i didn’t try hard tho :joy:
I’m not sure exactly what your plan is but …
In this i added Page Turn twice to the same event, one 90º the other -90º, then had to add a mask to stop the Ukraine/GB flag showing on the curl

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No just the maple leaf , the left and right arms of the leaf i want to curve or curl in.

well that’s a start, a bit to much of a bear hug thou, but, Ya, that’s what i am trying to do. :slight_smile:
Thanks Gid!

experience and skill ,love it, lol just wish i had some of both

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Hi Drew. Is this something like what you’re after.

I had to create the maple leaf using splines. Changed to an extrusion, added colour, then used the Bend/Taper/Twist deformer to create the curls. Bend strength 4.39, bend radius 1.65. Of course, these values won’t necessarily be what you want.

And in addition to all the options described above, you can also try the BCC Layer Deformer, which includes the bend-taper-twist feature that Jack is showing in Title Studio.

HI @Jack_S

Thanks Jake

well kind of, but i am not wanting the center leaf segment to curl, just the outer leaf segments. i found an EPS file for the maple leaf that the Gov uses for the flag, so i don’t make one.

i will play with doing it in Title Studio, i didn’t think TS since it’s not a title. i was(am) trying in Vegas Pro, Effects and blender to do it and since i am still learning this stuff, i don’t know any of them all to well. so i am try to do it in all of them anyway to learn what is best so doing something plus the errors and mistakes of doing so in each program.

so far best looking is in Vegas pro using that EPS in Bcc Extruded EPS, but still working on figuring out how to use it to get the look i want. which is ultimately, i like to have the outer two arms of the leafs curling up and in like bring your arms up for a hug around the Vancouver island flag with the island in Ukraine’s colours.

i might have to do crop half of each Leaf or do multiple layer, using 2 Bcc Extruded EPS on the same track, they seem to be covering each other, so i try cropping first, then more layers if that doesn’t work for me


I will try that too, i have nothing to lose, only experience to grain from trying.

Thanks Peter

In the Page Turn one i posted the Radius, direction etc, can all be keyframed?
I had another play, just for the sake of it :grin:

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Sweet!, that’s (was) it in a nutshell, but since starting, i have gotten into liking the look of the 3d leaf curl. but ya, that is!

page turn, roger that, download the other image to see what you did.

Thanks for taking the time to playing about!
now, i just have to recreate it.

ok i have gotten a EPS version of this flag worked out,
but can i or how do i get the flag on the surface of the EPS maple leaf so it acts as one?

anyone, any pointers?

Hi Drew. If you’re doing it in Title Studio, place them both under a 3D Container, then add the effect to the container. Will that work?

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Hey Guys,

These steps should produce the extruded eps with the original eps media mapped to the front face of the extruded eps

(1) import the eps file into title studio
(2) set the track media type from the default one sided plane to extrusion
(3) in the timeline, twirl down the front material - color track to expose the shader - color track
(4) click on the color track to make it the current selection which populates the control panel
(4) in the control panel, change the type from color to texture
(5) in the timeline change the media for the texture from the V1 default to the same eps file by clicking on the V1 icon and select the eps file

I hope this helps!


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HI Jack

Thanks Jack! i will definitely try there, strangely enough i was having issues working that out in TS.
i am trying to do it in Vegas pro, effect(i cant import EPS, and no BCC Extruded EPS effect available to use, that was a let down),Title Studio and Blender and will try it in Hitflim pro (in freebie mode at the moment) as well. i want to see if it takes EPS files. the more ways and software i know now to do it, the better :slight_smile:

Stay Healthy Jack!


AWESOME! Just what i was hoping for :-D, direction

Stay Healthy Peter