Help with rotating a Spline

EDIT, I forgot to mention. This is for Title Studio.
I’m hoping someone can help me with this one. I’ve spent hours trying to achieve my goal with no success.
I want to create a triangular spline then use the Spin Y parameter to turn it 90 degrees. That’s the easy bit.
When I look at the triangle, I’m looking along its axis, so all I can see is the extrusion. I now want to tip the point of the triangle so that it’s sloping at 60 degrees to the right. I can’t do that because there’s no Tumble Y parameter. If I try the Tumble X parameter, the spline just rotates in my direction. The same with the Rotate Z parameter.
I’m thinking that what I want to do can’t be achieved. If there was a Tumble Y parameter that worked independently of the Spin Y parameter, it could be achieved, but there isn’t.

Hi, does choosing the Rotate Interactor help? (blue circle with arrows on the left)

You might also want to take a look at the deformers in Title Studio - there’s a bend-taper-twist deformer that might help, if I understand correctly the effect that you’re after.


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Thanks Gid. That does it. I’d been using the Shape Position controls to try and tip the spline. I never thought of using the Rotate Interactor. I’ve just tried it and it appears to do what I want. It must work in a different way to the Shape Position rotation controls.
If I don’t post again, you’ll know that you cracked it for me.
Thanks again.

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Yeah these things throw me in a lot of apps, turn it one way (Y) then try turning the other way (X) & it doesn’t do as you expect, aaaaargh! :exploding_head::rofl::rofl::upside_down_face:
On screen controls at least show you which of the controls in the parameters is moving so you can then finer adjust or just move one of them, :+1: